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February 25, 2010


Now they're using gulls.

(Thanks to  Horace LaBadie)


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"Monitoring and analysis has shown that the contamination is at such a low level that it poses no threat to health."

And this is precisely what terrifies us.

I guess putting a net over an open pond storing nuclear waste would have been too expensive.

I thought all the hot gulls were on page 3.

I was riding my "bike" once, wearing a helmet with a bubble front plate, when the whole world suddenly turned white. I thought I had gone blind. I got the bike to the side of the road and removed my helmet.
Somewhere above me was a gull that felt just loads better.
Should I be checked for radiation?
(Thank god for helmets).

Buy what about the bouys?

"Radioactive Seagulls" WBAGNFA punk B

The three-legged, glowing, 50 foot tall gulls did seem a little odd.

Spider-Gull, Spider-Gull
Does whatever a Spider-Gull does.
Can he swing from a web?
No, he's a gull.
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Gull.

Also, going by Maggie Smith's Miss Jean Brodie, the gulls should be Scotland.

Bosses say some birds may have got into open spent fuel storage ponds and become contaminated by low-level waste. Sellafield Limited has stressed any contamination is so low that it would not pose a threat to public health. In fact one official stated that they can be quite decorative!
Whenever a company feels the need to stress something like this I worry.

Culled gulls ... sounds like something I would NOT like for breakfast

My local Audubon chapter once announced an April 1 slide show on the birds of Three Mile Island, including the Gross-breasted Rosebeak, Blue-grey Goatcatcher, and Heron Gull. I guess they were off by only a few thousand miles.

Gull cull...sounds dull.

Culled Gulls ... we saw them open for Aerosmith.

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