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February 23, 2010


Sub Dog and the Exceptional Rocket Waves

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Sun Dog Dave, Sun Dog. Click on the archive link at the bottom and go wild. APOD is the finest non-p0rn, eye candy site on the net!

There's no need to fear, undersubdog is here!

Video of the rocket going supersonic in the sun dog can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsDEfu8s1Lw.

I think Allen typed an "r" instead of an "n" in his search.


Allen is probably wondering why this popped up since the only thing he usually types into search is pOrn.

It is sundog, not subdog.

Ditto what Fivver said. APOD has some mind-blowing stuff every single day, and it's all SFW.

If'n anyone's late to this thread, the posted link is now available here.

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