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February 08, 2010


...than strong bones.

(Thanks to many people)


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I'm guessing that the Super Bowl audience may have the strongest bones in the world.

I knew it, I just knew it...wait a minute...the research was done at UC Davis. A bunch college kids did the research? We might want to take another look at this.

I must hide this from my husband. He already tries to claim that beer has "micronutrients" and counts as a food group.

*tosses out calcium supplements and grabs a beer*

"The study also showed that drinking massive quantitties of beer made most boobs look like they contained also high levels of silicon."

^or "also contained", if you're (not your) into that whole "grammar" thing.

And while beer may help stiffen bones, ironically, it has the opposite effect on boners.

I have been TELLING mrs. padraig that I'm just big boned...

Is there anything it can't do???

"In the present study, silicon intakes were 20–33% higher in men than in women"

I suppose, if you go by stereotype, we now have a reason for this finding.

To the Teetotaler Blogits out there, if you eat enough sand, you should be able to get some silicon in your diet. As a chemist, I would recommend soaking in in lemon juice for a few hours in hopes that trace amounts will dissolve and become biologically active.

About 10 years ago Dave wrote a column about male-female communication gaps. The setting was I think Him and his wife in the car taking a trip.. does anyone remember that column and where I might find it?

Van, I suggest you contact judi his research department at The Herald.


Make sure to send money beer pictures of naked men a nice thank you note.

Strong bones and gigantic bellies.

Strong bones, head full of rocks.

If I interpret the "study" correctly, dark beers have less silicon ... since my carbonated malted beverage of choice is dark (I've lost the TM thingie, so identification will be limited to "rhymes with Schminness"), this would apparently mean that I should consume more than one liter to assimilate the RDA ...

I love science ... it's so enriching ...

silicone in beer = good bones
calcium in milk = good bones
milk in breasts = ummmmmm
silicone in breasts = Nope. Won't work.

Silicon Valley?

If this study is true, I must be freakin' Wolverine.

Anecdotal evidence, which anecdote in this case is not particularly amusing (well, to me at least) -- I can report that a combination of pale ales (plus some of OtheU's Schminness just in case) and supplemental malt, aka Whoppers, seems to have given me a jump on mending my broken finger. They said it would take 4 weeks, but it was just under 3. (Just starting, of course; it'll be a while before it's a rugged repair.)

Good thing it's quicker, too. Extra ale and Whoppers, along with a sharp cutback in the exercise routine will eventually make my pants shrink.

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