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February 26, 2010


...and then there is classy.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Shouldn't the probation officer be working during the hour Springer is on?

I miss Springer taping in Chicago. One of my highlights came when someone pulled up in front of the NBC5 building in a car that bespoke "White Trash in Transit" with a driver that had missing teeth to match.

"Hey, mister. Where is there a place to park?" the guy asked. I gave him directions to a couple of lots that were close at hand, much to the amusement of a person on there way to a legal technology show on the other side Columbus Drive.

I thought he was going to need oxygen when I told him that my first inclination was to say "Just leave your car here and the valet parking will take care of it." Sometimes Lent can be a good thing for improving behavior.

I think that there is a compelling legal argument to be made that appearing on Jerry Springer is a valid defense: Insanity.

I'm pretty sure that insanity is a pre-req for going on that show.

The probation officer was working, watching springer is a great way to find crooks.

Can someone please do a little extra gene pool thinning, starting with Springer? Thank you.

Now, Springer provides a valuable service. How do you know you're close to hitting rock bottom unless you can watch his show and see what it looks like?

I live close to Lincolnton. I am not surprised by this. Although there are some nice,sane people there. I think I met him one day.

Why does a girl go with a guy to a strip bar? If she's good looking theres gonna be a bunch of drunks leering at her. If she's not good looking there gonna be a bunch of drunks leering at her. Maybe I've answered my own question.

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