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February 18, 2010


Caplin Rous the giant Internet-star rodent.

(Thanks to Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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Looks like Andy Rooney.

Hey, I sent this to Siouxie!

*goes to hunt for machete*

A "big furry pig-like animal in the building" is a little vague in most offices.

He doesn't look like SOBE nightclub material, though.

Actually, on second thought.....

Caplin Rous the pet capybara: we don't think he can actually read

Is our capybaras learning?

Rabies alert . . .

So what was Siouxie Jeff looking for when she he found this?

Um num yum!

When did you send this to me, Jeff?? LOL I got one from you from some fried food place this morning. Sheesh.

*SMACK* I don't need to steal from your stuff!!!

chupacabra, capybara, copacabana... ay ay ay!

Just teasing, Siouxie. You should know that by now.

*ducks anyway*

I'm pretty sure one of those was in my bird feeder this morning.

It's cute. They're just oversized guinea pigs.

Pythons love 'em!

At The Capy! The Capybara!

Well, at least we now know who wrote the Obama healthcare plan, a big intelligent rodent.
Oh wait! That was Hilary Clinton - sorry, wrong rodent.
My mistake.

I see one of these in Wiredog's future...

Hey! Siouxie, I sent the fried food place thing to Jeff!

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