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February 25, 2010


Collier County Patrol

(Thanks to Cathy)


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No, this should be the next action-packed TV series...

Any other ideas?

Be careful out there. (Play "Hill Street Blues" theme.)

"Look out, Ponch! Aiiiieee!"

God works in mysterious ways...

I'm still mad at the local Naples police for charging hourly rates to park at Loudermilk Park, as if they had a patent on "sand".

The nerve.

If one of the officers had a helmet camera in operation, they might have broken California's "No Cuss Week" resolution.

I would suggest that they just walk, but one of them can't now.

Would the officer at fault have to do a perp roll?

This should have lead into another story, but it just left me wrecked.

See, rolling the beat is dangerous out there.

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