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February 26, 2010


YNN quoted a passenger, Steve Mazur, who said the two female attendants "got into a fistfight on the plane. The pilot decided to kick everyone off the plane.”

(Thanks to K-Doc)


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Thank you for flying T(KO)WA Airlines.

I wonder what the fight was about.

My top three guesses as to why they were fighting:

3) It was all about the beverage cart. Push or pull?

2) One of the jumpseats was broken. Who gets a regular passenger seat?

1) One of them says to the other, "Your hair violates company regulations. I'm gonna tell."

Cabin fever????

Strange things happen when flying in or out of Atlanta. The last time I was there, a woman got into a shouting match when waiting in line at the Chick-Fil-A when someone cut in front of her.

Pointing out that it was Sunday and they were closed didn't help.

Chuck-E-Cheese airlines...

I believe that the FAA rules prohibit breaking up a chick fight.

My best guess is that they had both dealt with one or two too many idiots. I love mankind; it's people that drive me nuts.

However, Aerial Cat Fight would make a good name for a band...

Sort of shoots down the whole "Fly the Friendly Skies" concept though

They've gotten rid of all the other in-flight amenities; a thrilling three-rounder might help make up for the dearth of service.

Looks like they picked the wrong day to quit Mydol.

In their defence he was on the flight.

Wo - hoh, I would fight over that!

One of them clearly had too large a carry-on.

Nice picture Addicted. I am probably betraying my fellow sisters here but..... I would rather work with a man anyday than a bunch of women. It has been my experience that if you have more than 3 women working together, 2 of them are going to talk about the other one and make life miserable for her until they have a fight and then a different pair will get together and make the other one miserable. Men are easier to work with.

*whispers to Siouxie*
I told you that wench nursecindy would betray us!

As for the flighty attendants, my guess is that a passenger puked, and they argued over who had to clean it up.

So OT. I am about to buy myself an ipod. What are your favorite songs that I should put on it?

Please do not suggest anything by Bobby Goldsboro.

Golly, Guin. That really narrows it down.

Coffee, tea, or punch?

Annie! Siouxie! Of course the women on the blog were excluded from my remark which was made under the influence of cold medicine. The good stuff that you have to sign for now. o/t My prayers are with the poor people in Chile. I also pray that Hawaii and the Philippines do not have any problems from this earthquake. I lived in the Philippines for several years and tsunami were always one of my biggest fears. Right behind the wonderful earthquakes we had.

I forgot to add my #1 earthquake tip. I was only 12 when we had our first earthquake experience and it was then I discovered this. If you jump straight up and down you will not feel an earthquake. It doesn't make it stop but you won't feel it. It worked for me and the friends I taught it to for 3 years. Our earthquakes finally stopped when Mt. Pinatubo blew up. Seriously, as I'm sure Annie, who for reasons only known to God lives in California,can tell you that an earthquake is the scariest thing you will ever feel.

I work for a hospital and we've had seminars on "Women working with Women". No men allowed I think. No "Men working with Men" seminars. Probably afraid it would turn into a farting contest.

That's disgusting. Now, pull my finger.

The captain made the wrong assessment. That wasn't a fight, that's just the way minorities relate between one another.

They were Europeans arguing about the merger of their respective employers, Alitalia and Air Geneva.

The new company will be called Genitalia.

Hey Dave,

In the spirit of discretion, you may want to float this suggestion over to the folks over in the IT department.

- Be mindful of featuring and grouping together the following Herald blogs:

Naked Politics + Gay South Florida + Between the Covers + The L Word + Poked.

I'm just saying...

nursecindy - yes, certain earthquakes are terrifying. The Northridge one was loud, long, and violent, like the one in Chile, but only a 6.6. The little rollin' 3.5's and such aren't so bad. Just relieving a little internal pressure - Mother Nature passin' gas.

Mother Nature passin' gas? I thought women didn't fart.

We don't SW. Mother Nature obviously is busy so Father Time is standing in for her. Again, apologies for any wacky statements on the blog this week. I have the flu. In fact this is the first day my temperature has been below 103. I will say it is times like this when you know who your real friends are. In fact one of my friends came this morning, rang my doorbell and left a container of homemade chicken soup on my porch. They called me from their cell phone to tell me what they had done. They didn't stick around because they like me but not enough to catch my flu. Still. That's a true friend. Especially since they also left a chocolate bar with the soup.

Glad you're (not your) feeling better, cindy. The flu sucks, big time.

*waves from across the street*

*Sprays blog with Lysol*

Feel better soon, cindy!

*sends cindy virtual matzoh balls for the chicken soup*

*sends cindy a nip of brandy to add to her matzoh ball soup.*

*sends cindy her own personal chef to heat up her soup."

(and I do mean "personal")

Annie, I'd let cindy borrow Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando butt...he's a bit tied up at the moment.

Thanks everyone. Annie, love that mug!

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