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February 26, 2010


(Thanks to B'game)


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And let's not forget JoJo, another amazing weiner dog!

Y'know, Dave seems to be able to commandeer the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in cases of emergency, and it strikes me that all he would need to become superhero "Mr. Wiener" would be a mask and a cape. Well, and some appropriately reinforced tights.

I can just see Mr. Wiener and his faithful chum Li'l Oscar pulling up to a bank robbery. It would of course turn out to be a sperm bank. See, this stuff writes itself!

Good dog! Where is everybody today? Buckling down and working hard?

We had a cat once, named Angel. She used to wake me up by laying across my nose and licking my eyelids until they almost bled.
We never had a fire but if we had, I'd have been glad to toss her in that direction.
(Just kidding! I love animals. But it did hurt.)

" Let's see now... Mr. Wiener... Mr. Wiener... Your name doesn't seem to be on my guest list... Oh, what the heck. Go on in and get your picture taken with the Vice President. "

Every Wiener needs a good home.

*nc - us Northeast types are busy heaving two feet of fresh snow around*

Meanie?? What a snow??

*ducks incoming snowballs*

Whatsa too.

*For my Florida friend*

He's a nice little hound. His reward should be to NEVER be dressed up like a hotdog for Halloween.

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