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February 16, 2010


(Thanks to Justin Barber and Andrew)


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If my name was something like Ronald McDonald, Sara Lee, or Little Debbie, I'd probably smoke pot too.

If you have drugs/guns/dead hookers in your home/briefcase/car, why do you give the police permission to search? At least make them work for it.

The good news is that Mayor McCheese has commuted his sentence. After 6 months in a halfway house with Grimace and the Hamburgler, Ronald McDonald will be able to reenter society.

The sad thing is that after having these entries on his criminal record, he may only be able to find employment in a fast food restaurant.


If my name was something like Ronald McDonald, Sara Lee, or Little Debbie, I'd probably smoke pot too.

Posted by: nursecindy | February 16, 2010 at 08:35 AM

I resemble that remark!

-- Papa John

Cops also found a large Coke in the fridge.

nonono, youse got it wrong. he couldnt remember his real name. ronald mcdonald was the first thing that um, came to mind, as it were. and if that is his real name, someone ought to go beeeyatch slap his stupid parents.

Why am I not surprised . . .

And now, a word from our sponsor . . .

i guess they deserve a break today.


Tonight on Fox News...when clowns go bad....

Six months to a year served.

"Dude, I'm like sooo starving, but I can't think of a place to go for fooooooood. . . "

That's Willard Scott!

MKJ - that clown was too creepy even for me.

Ronald looks a lot better since he got his hair cut ...

He's the Hamburglar's b**h now.

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