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February 26, 2010


(Thanks to Anthony)


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Now who is going to make the banana daiquiris?!


Anybody else get the goOgle ad for Sober College at the top of the article?

How would you like to be his roomie, waking up on that first horrible morning?
Come to think of it, I had worse in college.

He's a natural if the Rolling Stones ever need a new guitarist.

I'd swing on vines a mile for a Camel.

How exactly would it get better if it can't speak?

Maybe this is where the American Sign Lanquage training comes in?

This could make a great Monster.com commercial for the Super Bowl.

he fathered several baby chimps and rehab.
Natural born celebrity. Can he play basketball, too?

Chimps scare me. In those chimp attacks that were in the news, they tore people's fingers off, etc. Now a tiger will maul a person, but somehow that sounds slightly better :)

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