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February 25, 2010


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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You have GOT to be Shih-Ting me!

His nickname is Dingleberry.

And he speaks fluent Klingon.

Says nothing about his brother Well.

Hey, bloggers, Shih-Ting is a 'she'!

(...and when she gets excited, Shih-Ting Pants)

I hate it when that happens.

More Chicago, just for Ducky..

Waiting for the band to play,
Seats are bad, how much you pay?

Flashing lights highlight the stage,
But the band, they've really aged!

Shih-Ting crosslegged on the floor,
25 tequilas more....

Staring blindly at us now,
He's their lead singer?
Wonder how...

LOL love Shih-cago! Another good one, PB!

Bravo PB! That is one of my favorite Shih-cago songs and I've been to see them twice! The only group I've seen more is The Beach Boys. 3 times and they were great everytime. btw, if anyone has a spare 8 track tape of Endless Summer will you let me know? My kids stole mine and threw it away.

cindy, I saw Chicago last year and they sounded incredible. I'd see them again any time. Looking forward to Eric Clapton next month and hoping to get tickets to see my favorite Beatle, Paul! He's coming to Miami!!!!!

p.s. Don't have 8tracks anymore. I do have plenty of 45's and LP's.

Cindy - Living near Hollywierd/LA, I've seen Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire more times than I care to admit. I stopped going after I realized I had memorized the set list for the 2nd half of the show, and knew where to stand to catch tossed guitar picks...

Sir Paul is coming to do two shows at the Hollywood Bowl, but the cheapest ticket, up in nose-bleed country, is still $50.

I think I'll hold out for Jimmy Buffeft. I've only seen his show about 9 times. :) Where do you think I got the "PirateBoy" moniker from?

In Hungarian, my last name translates as, "G^@ d@&## m*%^$## f^#$%@% c)($#@&%@#!", but only if you use the short spelling.

They hung him. Poor dumb Shih.

Hey Shih. That Tzu?

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