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February 28, 2010


Ala. man attacked with Worcestershire sauce bottle

(Thanks to DavCat)


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The version I sent had this great mugshot, which suggests that perhaps alcohol might have been involved.

*SMACKS Jeff with a bottle of wurshis worshter whatsthishere sauce*

What was that for?

You didn't like the mugshot?

"Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital"?
WTFBBQ? The rain of pain stays mainly in the brain.

*smacks jeffy with bottle of overpriced catsup ketchup*

*smacks jeffy with better mugshot*

If he'd used something like "Dave's Insanity Sauce" it would have constituted attempted murder...

you can have my steak sauce when you can pry it from my cold dead hand!

you can have my steak sauce when you can pry it from my cold dead hand!

I stutter a bit

*pries mis-steak sauce from his cold dead hand*

"Worchestershire" always reminds me of the Pogo (?) comment about, "The mongoose is a singular animal because no one can say two of them".

When will the food violence end?

This never would have happened with A-1.

Shouldn't we also be banning fire extinguishers?????

...and errant Alabamians?

BAM! Just wanted to kick him up a notch.

I hope he added a pinch of cilantro for that extra bit of zing. Fire extinguishers can be quite dry.

you just shouldn't get saucy with that guy, or you'll pay the price!

It was simple retaliation for a comment about his pronunciation of the label.

He wasn't injured toobasco --- it could have been much worcesteshire. Still mustard hurt though.

I mayo may not *SMACK* you for those puns, stevie ;P

(pssst...btw...Sir Paul is coming to Miami!!)(gonna try to get tix)

Durkees is for turkeys.

Sooz, Elton John is doing a few imtimate concerts in Johannesburg for his birthday in March. The venue is a botanical garden and it'll be just the man and an upright organ a piano.

I would have hated to have reported this to the police. I can't say worcestershire. My mouth just doesn't wrap around it. It is also why I use John Boy and Billy's Grillin' Sauce. If you are a true southerner you will know who they are. Oh, yeah, *hands Jeff an ice pack and some Tylenol*

Mot, I hear Sir Elton enjoys his "upright organs" IYKWIM AITYD.

Will you be going to this? I've never seen him, wanted to when he toured with Billy Joel.

Did the victim's face look like raw meat?

I'd like to but I'm saving for my US trip in July.

I believe the flu has affected my brain more than I thought. When Mot said he was coming to the US in July I was wondering what month that would be in South African time. *grabs Thera Flu and shuffles back to bed*

Don't you love the way they emphasize the bottle of sauce rather than the extinguisher, which obviously was capable of a lot more damage?

Mot! LTNS! Are you coming to the US in time to celebrate the 4th of July?

Siouxie, Elton is going to be here in Austin on April 10, but good tickets went very fast. You, however, get Sir Paul? *Swoon*



Didn't Dave once party in the vicinity of the Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger? I wonder if he will be doing the same with Sir Paul?

"Worchestershire" always reminds me of the Pogo (?) comment about, "The mongoose is a singular animal because no one can say two of them".

Posted by: Steve | February 28, 2010 at 12:24 PM

I didn't say that, but Walt Kelly did.

*knows who John Boy and Billy are*

Dang you, Canada!

Congratulations, Canada! That was about the best national anthem I've ever heard, I think.

Speaking of Sir Paul...did I ever share my pix from his concert in Vegas last year? I was shocked when security passed thru the crowd before the show to say no video, but that stills were OK - luckily I had brought my camera in.

Sure I know who John Boy is.


I've seen Paul twice. He still rocks! Can't get better guitar playing unless you're sitting in front of Eric Clapton or Brad Paisley.

John Fogerty
Carlos Santana

Guin, it so happens that I have seen Brad Paisley in concert AND I will be going to see Eric Clapton in a couple of weeks!

stevie, those are great pix! You were so close. I'll probably end up in nose-bleed hell IF I can get tickets. It's at [insert name of the month] stadium.

Poor little yankee Jeff. This is John Boy and Billy. I actually was on their show a few times several years ago. I was John Boy's sister. The last person I saw in concert was Mr. Barry and Mr. Steve Martin. I'm good for a while.

Hah! It's not been taken yet:

Never bring a Worcestershire sauce bottle to a fire extinguisher fight.

The suspect was in posession of an unlicensed 9 ml. Lea & Perrins, which was traced to a cattle show in Oklahoma.

Just Ducky, we wanted to be there on the 4th but because of the soccer world cup all flights in and out of South Africa between June 11 and July 11 are fully booked and horrendously expensive.

Mot -- we'll hold out some illegal fireworks for you, and pretend we're celebrating Bastille Day. That work for you?

Dude, I knew I could rely on you.

I know, cindy, having looked it up.

Latest concert: J. Buffett, Saturday night.

BTW, here in SA we've dropped the shire and merely pronounce it as wooster sauce.

Hey, you can't just go on dropping shires about the place. Now, clean that up.

Pffft--amateur. Alabamians know that Dale's Sauce is the ultimate seasoning for steaks, chops, burgers, chicken--and the bottles are MUCH heftier than poofty English Worchestershire sauce...

"Poncey". The word is "poncey".

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