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February 24, 2010


City staff are willing to re-evaluate the bylaw that says businesses can't keep fibreglass cows on their roofs.

(Also thanks to The Perts)


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Committee says-----MOOooooove that cow!

Chik-Fil-A paratroop cows (Storm Moooopers) are on the way...

So, when is the PETA press conference?

Cattle be the day-hey-hey, when I die!

My very favorite sentence: "It is a rare instance in which the expression 'Don't have a cow' has become a legally binding order." Bart Simpson would be SO proud.

Fibreglass cows (note the metric spelling) are a definite improvement over the real things, aka "odor emitting units".

This reminds me to check on the status of the Chick-Fil-A that is opening near the train station.

It's not nearly as messy when a fiberglass cow falls off a roof as opposed to a real cow. A resident complained so now they have to take it down? What if two residents called and said they liked it?

Were they overherd?

Does this also mean no reindeer on the roof?

Canada's vibrant fiberglass cow industry isn't going to like this.

When only outlaws are allowed to have fiberglass or if you speak that funny English, fibreglass, cows then.... I'm not sure what will happen but you will definitely see them coming.

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