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February 23, 2010



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Related Update: A Florida driver's license will be issued to everybody involved in this incident, including the horse.


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two words: Tow Truck

Go Mutthound!

It's just a flesh wound!

two words: Tow Truck

That sounds more like a korean name.

I agree MOTW. Why didn't the police just get them a tow truck and then a hot cup of coffee? As for the horse and lorry, I have a feeling the horse is happy they finally caught his numbskull of an owner.

cindy, they had to chase them down on the freakin' freeway first!

Of course, you see similar sights on the Florida Turnpike and I-95 daily, but that's a separate issue.

So the bus drivers had access to crash helmets, but not access to a repair shop?


There really are "Long Tailed Brown Four on The Floors"!

That Chinese bus driver just likes to feel the wind blowing in his hair. And between his ears.

The bus driver looks like Herve Villachez, while the horse just looks embarrassed.

That horse looks like he could hold his liquor and pull it, too.

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