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February 26, 2010


PARSIPPANY – Two out-of-town teenagers were held by police Thursday night after they drew a 25-foot penis in the snow on Parsippany High School’s front lawn, police said.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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[Comment deleted for tasteless size/white color comparitive conclusion.]

Well said, MS.


we burned "FHS" into the front lawn of our cross-town rivals (Buchtel) lawn, and they retalitated (after a snowfall) with a ten foot tall snow sculpture, a hand, giving us the finger. it was beautiful.

that was 1976.

we lost, 50-0.

I am afeared the Blog is correct in his headline post title.

Just think how big it would have been if the snow wasn't so cold.

Typical male fantasy.

Did they use a snowblower?

Until I read that they used their feet, I assumed that they had to stop and rehydrate several times during the drawing.

it's always "outside agitators" innit.

All the Parsippany kids were over at Boonton drawing a giant hooha on the school field.

Our arch football rivals were the Crest Chargers and they had a water tower. Occasionally before a big game their water tower mysteriously got painted. Our school had the Lion as it's mascot and we had a large bronze lion in front our school, Shelby High. It has been painted pink more times than I care to remember. I still remember the principal coming over the PA demanding to know immediately who had painted everything. Of course none of us ever knew. Harmless fun considering what goes on today. Everything always ended back up the way it should be.

In high school our rival had a HUGE statue of their founder riding a horse that was VERY male.

We always painted the OBVIOUS parts of the horse each year before homecoming (pardon the pun).

The principals from both schools would do the "la de dah" on the intercom about good sportsmanship and we would wee wee all over ourselves trying not to laugh while he went on and on.

Chilly willy had no shrinkage.

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