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February 25, 2010


....a Kansas man says it was a flying hot dog, not a baseball, that almost put his eye out while watching a Royals game late last summer.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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"Wayward Weiner" WBthealltimegreatestNFARBever!

Nothing worse than a wayward weiner in the eye!

And Way Ward Weiner WBAGNFAPornStar

You know you can poke an eye out with those things.

...and robin, the weiner ward...

A 140 year old hot dog was found at Coney Island. I hate to think about being hit in the eye with that thing.

Sure it's funny, until someone nearly loses an eye...then it's ROTFLMAO funny.

"Hot dogs"-the meat that will not die.
My boss and I both attended FDA "sausage training" once. (Hot dogs are technically "sausage"). You know what they say about watching either the law or sausage being made?
Immediately after the training, Mark told me he was swearing off hot dogs for life.
I stopped and got one on the way home. With chili.
Cast-iron stomach.

Now he knows how Ned Flanders feels.

Finally, a home for wayward weiners.

And here I thought the only risk was choking on them b/c they aren't square.

Where are all the entries about licensing, Constitutional entitlements, etc.?

Hot dogs, wayward hot dogs
What kind of kid throws wayward hot dogs,
Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks
Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids who are mascots
Throw hot dogs, wayward hot dogs
The dog kids put in flight

Bravo Layzeeboy!

In other news today, a Kansas City man was run over by a Wiener Mobile after being injured at a ballgame. Film at eleven.

*Throws wayward wiener @ Layzee!!*

*Throws wayward wiener @ Siouxie IYKWIM*

Hot dogs, wayward hot dogs
What kind of chick likes wayward hot dogs,
Fat chicks, skinny chicks, chicks who like to rock
Tough chicks, sissy chicks, even chicks who like big


Like hot dogs, wayward hot dogs
The dog chicks like to bite

*bows 2 lay-Zee*

If he didn't want to get hit in the eye by a hot dog, he shouldn't have painted a Target icon around his eye with ketchup. (Which was not refrigerated.)

My ex-husband has a wayward weinie - can he join the band ?

*read the comments section - I was choking with laughter*

Do all of the Weinermobiles have alibis?

Was said Wienermobile driven by a certain Blog?

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