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February 23, 2010


(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Makes perfect sense to me.

Then he cut off his nose to spite his face.


Maybe he should have taken that money he wasted on lawyers and renting a bulldozer he could have paid his mortgage and tax bill. Just a thought. I wonder if the words, "Hold my beer and watch this" were said prior to the bulldozing?

Let's see if I understand this correctly, he still owes 160k on the note, and now there is no collateral to sell to pay it off. I suppose he'll have to sell the land to pay off the note. Sounds like he lost more than his house.

Sort of explains why I've always said Ohio is a great state to be from...of which I am.

i can explain this! no, wait... i can't.

That's just about as smart as the guy who set fire to his house, then flew his plane into the IRS building in texas over something like $1500.

Yeah, but now he's got this cool bulldozer.

Bank: Homeowner, homeowner, let me in!

Homeowner: Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!

Bank: Then I'll huff, and I'll puff...

Homeowner: Don't bother. *BULLDOZES HOUSE DOWN*

Fractured Fairy Tale?

The most expensive words in my day gig are:
It's the principle of the thing.

My family attorney has instructions to smack me until I'm unconscious and take any steps to change my path that he finds necessary should I ever utter those words.

I'm glad that it ended relatively well.

*snork* @ punkin

Speaking of Fractured Fairy Tales: Oh, Mr. Hoskins, What have you done??

I believe 25 miles south of Cincinati gets you real close to Kentucky which, I hear, is a good place to buy bourbon.

IMO bulldozing a house is better than flying a plane into a building 'cuz he's only hurting himself and not innocent people.

I'm sure the bank was guilty of malacious overlending.

I read this elsewhere a few days ago. I think the issue was he was current on his house payments. The bank was seizing his home as a secondary measure to a business related matter.

It must be stated: What about his car and car loan? Has any one considered that ?

Will his insurance pay for the house now that it's destroyed? Or are you not allowed to bulldoze your own house to collect on the insurance??

MOTW I agree. Today has been one of those days of playing on the phones trying to get an answer from a government office. No matter how angry I get the worst I ever do is fire off a strongly worded letter. By the time I'm through writing it I usually feel better and throw it away or delete it. My entire family does this. My dad wrote the Breyers company once because he didn't get what he felt was a fair amount of pecans in his butter pecan ice cream. They sent him 5 coupons for free ice cream and sure enough, they had more pecans in them. This was a great moment for my family.

Ironically, I like Breyers Butter Pecan but would like it a lot more if they left out the pecans; I've been debating writing them with a suggestion...

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