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February 24, 2010


Avoid ones like this:

Teacher given good behaviour for underage sex

VIDEO: NBA Mascots Eat Cheerleaders

Nationals 'aggressively pursuing' Wang

(Thanks to Allen at Division, jtd7, Jeff Ledford)


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'Teacher Given Good Behaviour for Underage Sex'

duh! Of course it SHOULD have read:

'Teacher Given Good Sex for Underage Behavior'

Well, she WAS a physical education trainee teacher, after all.

Those new teachers tend to be a bit overzealous.

*flaps at Ducky* Hey there! LTNS!! How've you been?

*flaps @ Diva*

Fine, thanks, but too much work and not enough blog.

Despite aggressively pursuing Wang, my cupboard remains bare.

Isn't Aggressively Pursuing Wang the sequel to Desperately Seeking Susan?

or "SuzyQSusan Desperate Seeking Wang"?

*WAVES @ Duckness* (smooooooch)

*WAVES &(((Siouxie)))* (smooch!)

But...it was totally accurate, they did eat the cheerleader.

Name and Phrase We Are Not Making Fun Of, because of the Blog's policy: "Her solicitor David Dickinson..."

Nonsense. An accidentally hilarious headline is wonderful if you have a sense of humor and a slightly dirty mind.
If we can laugh, the day isn't a total loss.

*wonders if judi implies significance of 'head'lines...*

Hey, if the Wang fits...

. . . aggressively pursue it!

The Natinals strike again. The next headline will be Mets Beat Wang.

who's being fired for the NBA posting?
Dave posted it 'bout 1:30 on monday.

Another dubious headline.

More here.

Those are hysterical, Ralph.

Of course, the single greatest headline ever was totally accurate: Headless Body in Topless Bar.

well, i for one hope the Mets can beat wang.

they've had a rough couple seasons....

I think the more appropriate headline would be...

Yanks Beat Wang

Either I just snorted milk out of my nose or I'm getting a cold.

My all time favorite...

Jane Fonda's Advice to Teens... Use Head to Avoid Pregnancy

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