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February 01, 2010


(Thanks to Barb)


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I know Dave wants to lob one at Congress.

And who can blame him?

The 1812 Overture will never be the same.


Is it the firing or the landing, Punkin?

I wonder why there are no wimmin folk drooling over this contraption...

Oh I know...the wives get to clean up the damn mess huh??

Buying your pumpkin chucker seems too corporate. As a science project with your child, many pumpkin chuckers will not result in immediate arrest. Most cannons, however, will raise a few eyebrows.

True Story: I had my trebuchet in the back of my van when I had a speaking gig down in Urbana, Illinois. At the last minute, I decided to borrow a car for the trek. It wasn't so much the mileage that the old 350 15 passenger van got, it was the fact that there was an economic summit that drew protesters going on in Chicago. I decided that bringing an ancient and slightly anachronistic device towards said protesters was not in my best interests.

With people like this, why exactly do we need the National Guard?

I have checked and the HOA rules at my new house do not forbid siege weapons.

*Evil grin*

Hammond --
Check local zoning ordinances as well.

Watch for low flying aircraft and turkeys

Mmmm. Turkey with squash stuffing. In one easy step.

I like the way you think, fivver. Why not add some cranberries...corn... and viola!! Instant Thanksgiving dinner.

As a former health inspector I'm not impressed. I've seen Staph cases that could hurl that far. In both directions.

"I had my trebuchet in the back of my van . . ."

There's a phrase ya don't hear every day.

At what age do men decide not to blow stuff up anymore?

cindy, I believe God is still blowin' sh!t up. (volcanoes)

I don't think this is what the ATF had in mind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spud_gun_legality

Linky. (I suck at HTML.)

Nursecindy: Immediately after the autopsy.

When your html,
isn't working so swell,
There's no more, eh?


Nursecindy: Immediately after the autopsy.

Posted by: Hammond Rye | February 01, 2010 at 12:44 PM

And if they're lucky, they will have sons to carry on their important experiments.

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