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February 24, 2010


Canadian Division

(Thanks to Mary)


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Better than "Two Teachers, One Cup".

They definitely earned 'good behavior'!

Sex ed hoser style, eh. Gave her a little moosehead, eh.

I'm thinking back about my 2 favorite teachers, Mr.Barone my math teacher who once raised my algebra grade to a c- because I started crying, and Miss Cherry, my first grade teacher. Now I'm trying to imagine them doing something like this and I just can't do it. I remember being shocked that one of my teachers was divorced! You would never see Tash doing something like this. Right Tash?

Ohhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Canada.....

*OhSnork* @ Meanie!

Well, it was just smoother than the inside of the math teacher's thigh!

I think his Winnipeg got a little too close to her Regina.

They are being recruited by Tampa, Lap-Dance Capital of the World.

It's pretty scary that the students have more sense and maturity than the teaching staff.

And people wonder at the increasing popularity of homeschooling...?

Where were teachers like that when I was in high school?

On the faculty
Must plainly see
The cellphones nearby
And so,
Because you're jerks
You now can kiss
Your tenure goodbye.

Your children well
Outrage won't quell
Won't slowly go by
One deed
Can wreck your dreams
The one they film's
The one you'll hang by.
Don't you ever stop and think
If they filmed you, you would sink
So just look around for spies
And know there's YouTube.

Was there music playing?

It only received 4.5 stars?

*snork* @ MtB

LOL good one, Meanie!!

I went to one of my daughter's ball games when she was in school. They had a "dance team" performance that really opened my eyes. I felt uneasy just watching it. I am not a prude but I am an adult and these were kids.
Strangely enough, the school administration claimed a student survey showed "no sexual activity" among the students.
Nonsense, I just watched it.
Now I know where they got some basic training.

LMAO, Meanie

"He is sticking his head into her crotch, into her private area,"

I'm so glad he felt the need to define what a crotch is.

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