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February 25, 2010


(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, Dad-O-Lot and John Gregg)


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That does it. I need some.

Living in Miami, I will look into getting some...for protection only, of course.

Shields up!

That settles it; I'm switching out the Bible in my shirt pocket for a couple of these babies.

Speaking of shields...

I notice it was three of our guys who rushed to share this item with us. Nice work on the Boob Patrol, men!

From wiredog's link: Trojan seems to have recalibrated its sizes a la Starbucks...

"I'd like a Tall Latte Latex Condomchino"

Only in the interest of true journalism, Suzy.

er...ccino, that is...

Suz, I'll confess that I may have sent this in but of course, the guys were all over this story first!


" No, no... Listen up... I ordered 100 ' bullet proof Vests ' . "

Ok maybe Heidi Montag isnt so stupid after all. Wait no she is.

I'm deeply concerned about the implications for our soldiers in Iraq...

Susy Q.? Dave could just put a headline that said 'Boobs In The News' on the blog, without anything but maybe one or two pictures of major boobage and the blog guys would spend all day on it.
At my last doctor's appt. for my back I was in the waiting room with 3 other women. All of them were having back trouble and the doctor had told them it was because of their large breasts. No one asked me if that was my problem and my doctor never mentioned it. Now my back hurts and I have low self esteem. This will kill the blog guys. All 3 of those women are going to have breast REDUCTION surgery.

As a guy, I'm not sure I could get away with having breast implants. Well, not without a matching beer gut implant.

I wonder when Myth Busters is going to try this one.

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