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February 28, 2010


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)

UPDATE: Related item here.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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....or snack time....

...or play time...

Don't you think first grade is a little young to introduce kids to (Ms) P0rn?

OK,. too obvious, but someone has to say it.

"Okay, class, take out your notebooks and... what's that? Someone's at the door. A hunky UPS man? You've got a special delivery just for me? My what a large package..."

Nap time must be the most fun time of the day.

Why does it say "little thing" by her head? Is that her stage name?

Those women must have REALLY loved their future husbands. I salute their bravery.
Here I am presuming that they took their husbands' names. If those were their unmarried names, those men must haver REALLY loved their future wives.

Why were there no P*rn teachers when I went to school?

She rewards the students with Porn stars.

i'm so old, i sure didnt know what p*orn was in the 1st grade. and is his name really MR SMITH, eh?

Isn't McHorney a character in Grey's Anatomy?

*Snork* @ Mot! Happens to be my fav character too.

Lairbo's been watching too many of the 'special' channels on cable.

Is it all right to suck up to the teacher?

Good one, Mot.

I would hate to go through life with a name like that. A teacher to boot. It makes you wonder how teacher parent conferences go.

I'll bet a lot more of the dad's attend the conferences, Theresa.

I had an art teacher named Mrs. Fluck.

It would be so great if she married somebody with the last name "Starr".

What's the assignment she gave about 2/3 of the way down called "Paper on mating season"?

I don't think I want to know!

Why do the kids bring her bananas instead of apples?

I'm sure Ms. Porn will be great at explaining how Congress works.

What are they studying the week of 16-20 November?

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