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February 23, 2010


A cable TV producer in suburban Detroit has been charged with using publicly owned equipment to make polka DVDs and sell them to an undercover officer.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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... but if you play 'em backward there's a subliminal message ...

Accordion to the cops, it was an illegal polka match.

Are they talking about this kind of polka? It is not a picture of you-know-who. I got that out of my system yesterday. I really wouldn't have thought there was that big of a market for that. Wonder how much he charges for a CD of the Rock Bottom Remainders?

He was making underground polka videos? WTFBBQ? Were they naked? I don't get it.

Are you sure they weren't poker videos?

Maybe it was these guys.

You're no geezer Jeff, it was the great ...

i loved the schmenge bros.
its a communist plot to overthrow weird al yankovic

Stan Freberg"


I love Stan Freberg, Steve.

Polka dancing has done more for the consumption of beer than any other dance. For this we are truly grateful.

My Favorite ;)

My Slovak relatives from out East all had polka bands at their weddings. I learned to "three-step", as it's called in Texas, at an early age.

You'll hear some polkas in Texas, too. The Hill Country was settled largely by Czechs.

.. and even in West, Texas off I-35 ..

Great kolaches in West. Always used to stop there when son was at UT.

We have some tasty kolaches right here in Houston.

Where we're getting more SNOW this afternoon.

There's a reason I live in the South of Texas, and it ain't cuz it looks purty covered in ice.

Doing the Pokey Polka.

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