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February 23, 2010


Police said they've arrested a teenager who caused thousands of dollars in damage to a western New York home's hardwood floor by break dancing on it while wearing a large diamond belt buckle.

(Thanks to nursecindy and John Gregg)


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Jailed for dancing?!

Yikes. I'll stay off the dance floor.

Pants on the floor??

Stupid and can't dance. That's no way to go through life son.

When diamonds are outlawed.... Oh, that's just crap. I want my diamonds!

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Nicolas Cage Lou Diamond Phillips...

You can't dance, you can't jive
You will regret this for life!
Ooh see that belt, watch that scene
Dig-in-the-floor Dancing Teen.

Anybody could beat that guy
Night is young and his buckle's too high
With a bit of rock music, drinking lotsa cheap beer
'Cut the Rug' - Not the Floor!
But he just gouged it more...

You are the Dancing Teen
Dumb as sh!t, and you're just eighteen
Can't Dance Teen, feel the heat
As you scratch the floor, oh yeah

You can't dance, you can't jive
In jail they'll eat you alive
(Ooh watch out for that guy - he looks mean!)
He'll Dig into the Dancing Teen!

LOL tf8! Thanks for the earwig!

*hustles off to dance*

I thought "CHEEKTOWAGA" was a vitamin deficiency...

Nice, Tf8! I bet the guy had bling teeth grille as well...

Diamonds are not hardwood's best friend.

A diamond in the (now) rough.

If your belt buckle says Cheektowaga, it's going to be big.

He can use the belt buckle to pay for the floor.

trustf8 beat most of us to that. Let's hope he doesn't end up a "dancing queen" in jail.

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