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February 23, 2010


We are very glad we were not aboard this plane.

Warning: Mild cursing in the Australian language.

(Thanks to CJrun)


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They need up the proof of their vodka.

Did the plane take too long, or are Aussie runways too short???

I bet the plane was so heavy because it was loaded with nukular rods.

LOL very funny.


Gotta love the Aussie sense of humor.

"We've got Smirnoff."

Also loved when he said he had enough film left for the crash.

I was landing a Cessna single engine in Lexington KY once. When I was on final approach, almost wheels-down, the radio lit up. "Cessna N****," the controller said, "don't linger on the runway. You've got a Lear on your tail."
Luckily, I was too busy to pick up the mic, else I would probably have been cited for improper radio language.
Wonder how that would have sounded in Russian?

"I've got the little Fokker in sight . . ."

There are some IL-76s for sale for as low as $250,000 if you want to upgrade.

Canberry's runway is 1680 metres. Minimum takeoff run for some of the newer models is 1700 metres. I sure hope everyone on the plane (I'm guessing that a copilot might be considered "excess weight" in the scenario) is right with God before accelerating.

He was just getting the passengers ready for the in flight movie.

lol- epic fail

Steve, I had the same experience once in Sarasota. I was on short final in a Cessna 150 when the tower notified me that 'oh, by the way, you're about to become a hood ornament for a 727'. Managed to land short on the overrun and make the first turnoff. Got a big thank you from the controller.

"V1.............................um...............................um.........uhhhh..............OMG..........In the name of the Fa............VR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(pilots will understand)

Braniff, trouble is VR was on the grass!

And V1 was about 5 feet after wheels started to roll.

Splain, please, Braniff or Layzee.


Not going to go into a long explanation (google V speeds if you really want to get into it) but aircraft have operating speeds for various conditions known as V(elocity) speeds. In this case V1 is the you're committed to takeoff because there's not enough runway left to stop. Vr(otate) is where the plane is going fast enough to rotate the nose up and takeoff.

Thanks fivver. (And ... don't call me Shirley.)

I'm glad you asked that NS. I didn't know either. How many pilots are on this blog anyway? None of you are ever actually flying a plane while blogging are you? If so please let me know when you are flying.

My father owned his plane. I was three lesson hours away from getting my license when my father died very suddenly. I never flew a plane, again.
Enough said.

I'm not a pilot although I went to an aviation college and while there I actually passed the written exam. But never took the flying part. One of my dashed dreams. Maybe someday.

Layzeeboy, after thinking about it more, I'm thinking that with the very slow speed of the plane, V1 may have been 5 feet before VR!

I'm not a pilot but I've seen a cockpit ;)

"Pedal faster, Boris!"

(((((Steve))))). I'm so sorry about your dad. Siouxie, I've always had a thing for pilots and I also have seen a couple of cockpits in my life.

Thank you. It has been 25 years now so it doesn't hurt anymore. He and I had been estranged but made our peace. We both made a real effort to change. I had a real father for 10 years. I recommend it.

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