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February 23, 2010


A City With Standards


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NB the advertising agency made this decision before putting up the ads, it's not like a bunch of angry villagers stormed the place with pitchforks and torches.

Not only did she have cleavage somebody had their hand up the back of her dress! When will the insanity stop?

Colorado Springs: A Malfunction Junction

Puppet Cleveage WBAGNFARB

I loved "Avenue Q".

"The Internet is for porn!"

"So grab your d*ck and double-click!"

The puppet is hot! No wonder they won't allow it. Does anyone happen to have any nekkid pics of ...oh never mind.

Fuzzy Cleavage WBAGNFARB. Not so much for a girlfriend.

Unless you're Cookie Monster.


& don't forget, "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist."

toss in the humping puppets & they'll probably burn the theater down.

hahaha! How 'bout "It Sux To Be Meeeeee..."

Meat puppets.

Is this a part of the Alien Welcoming Committee?

I loved Avenue Q - saw it on Broadway (2005)

Here are a couple of pics from then. (I have no shame)

Jordan Gelber

Ann Harada

Wait, I saw it on B'way in 2005....

*vaguely remembers woman in blue halter top*


"the cleavage of a fuzzy pink puppet"

Sounds like one of my exes.

she's still available for one night stands....no strings attached.

Where will it all end? Remove all the puppet stripper poles? Miss Piggy will have to stick to her species?

Well, there goes the Naked Sledding event I was planning.


They'll just have to get tickets to Vegas, where they recently had strippers dancing on trucks (in glass boxes) between the hours of 10PM to 3AM.

Even Vegas thought that was too much, and banned it.

And that clown last week said all good rock band names were taken!

Gives Howdy Doody wood.

First male blue peters in England and now this. What is this world coming to?

*Geezer song alert*

A blue peter and a pink, furred cleavage
They're all dressed up for romance
A blue peter and a pink, furred cleavage
In Colorado Springs? Fat chance!

Ducky...hopping on the geezer bus behind you:)

We just want to stage our show
But the decent folks said 'no'
They hmphed, "In Colorado Springs,
We don't countenance such things"
So we'll take
Our show
up the road to Boulder --
And we'll be SRO.

Furry cleavage, driving down the street
Furry cleavage, public transit fleet
Furry cleavage
They won't display you, you're not on view
Someone could get their peter blue

*Snorks @ JD & Betsy*

Ha ha ha, you old farts.

Tan boobs and a pink-furred cleavage
A polka-dot dress and oink oink oink
She had, tan boobs and a pink-furred cleavage
And a pig's pair a knobs lookin' hot for a boink

And let's not forget the One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Pink-Furred Cleavage Eater.

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