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February 24, 2010


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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But they are 100 per cent cooler.

Gives "smoking dope" a whole new meaning.

Excuse me, but which end are you supposed to light?

'Pack-a-day smokers, who were not allowed to smoke during the stressful two-hour IQ test, scored on average 11 points lower than their nonsmoking counterparts and bit more examiners.'

Testing costs skyrocketed due to the huge amount of replacement pens needed. The smokers kept lighting them.

So cindy...what percentage of doctors and nurses would you say still smoke? 90?

On "Battlestar Galactica", it was 100%.

*rummages through Crayola® box* I can't find "stunned," Dave. Will "burnt umber" do?

Huh. "Will burnt umber do" kinda makes my mouth feel like I'm saying "Englebert Humperdinck."

Link's not linking.

I thought it was only me. I think it's got something to do with smoking and being stupid. Close?

Um...the thing the dude in the picture is smoking is not a cigarette.

In my university town, most of the remaining smokers are either young artsy poseurs or homeless people. I suspect it's the same group, just at different life stages.

When you have IQ points to burn, what better way.

Jeff, about 70% of doctors and nurses do smoke. This is so they don't kill some of the idiots they have to deal with and those are just the insurance companies never mind the patients. Prime example of the genus patienticus-idioticus the one that comes into the ER at 3 am, in the snow then waits 2 hours only to have you look at a rash on their arm they've had for 2 weeks. I wonder what the IQ is for Chemists that live in Alabama? I'm betting under 80 or 90. I am referring to a blogger that I will not name here. I will tell you they submitted this to Dave.That will teach you not to call me stupid.

*snork* at prad

Except those are my students and "young artsy poseur" friends.

Of course later in life smokers have lower Alzheimer's rates, so its a trade off... Many apoplectic non-smokers would have no problem lighting up a blunt (ummm Dave?) with much more the cancer causing power...

As long as they've still got enough smarts left to read the Surgeon General's warning, 'cause that's real important.

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