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February 24, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Sort of a new take on 'American Idol'?

Clearly, pissoirs (pictured in the article) were invented for the convenience of men. Where is an easy way to pee publicly for women, I ask you?

Other than that, how bizarre.

Attention British Empire: the sun has set.

" along with other popular entertainments such vibrating floors and electrocution."

I'm starting to wonder about those Brits.

Featured Rides:

It's a Smell World
Pirates of the Caripeein'
Mad Pee Party

Both Mr. Coconuts and I are in the elite minority of those who can smell asparagus in urine........

just sayin'

Combined with the earlier story that Brits only change their bedsheets 3 times a year...ewwww.

I admit to being in that apparent minority that does not care for Disney World (Look-a line! Let's go get in it to see if it goes somewhere!). However, it isn't clear from this what the "attraction" is. Do you pay them or do they pay you?
In most cases, "Smells like piss in here", is not how you get the customer through the gate.

Smells like urine here.

"The winning smell will join the smell of burning hair and rotting meat in the new attraction"


I do not think this word means what you think it means.

When they're done with that "attraction", they can try the interactive phenomenon of "sip some of this milk that's been in the back of the refridgerator for who knows how long and tell me it it's still good."

Meanie I agree. The sun has set, the fat lady has sung, the flag has been folded and put away and somewhere someone is playing taps for the British Empire.

Adding to tf8's list:

The Bladderhorn
Splash Mountain (ewww)

"...with the most disgusting urinator winning £500...."

Urine the money.

Peeter Pan's Adventure

20000 Leagues Under the Pee

Stand or sit for a photo with Tinklebell.

If you get the urge, sample our apeeling recipees!

(aaaaah, good 'ole toilet humor)

Don't forget Auto-pee-a.

Cinderella's Golden Shower Carousel

yikes! breaking news: stay away from sea world...


Try spinach, asparagus, garlic, onions, Kimchee, and stout. An unbeatable combination.

I forgot the main one; a big ole multivitamin tablet.

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