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February 25, 2010


(Thanks to queensbee)


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You gotta be sh!ttin' me!

Not a big deal for me, as long as the week is during Lent. I would joke about what I would say if the week wasn't during Lent, but then I'd have to get my handbasket from the garage.

Those frakkers are even cracking down on Limoncello!

I gave up cussing for Lent... then not 3 minutes later I said, "I hate this damned snow!" Well, there goes THAT...


*empties pockets into jar*


Yeah, I saw this on the news this morning.
No wonder everyone makes fun of us. Bankrupt, corrupt, no end in sight to the endless spending of monies we don't have, no jobs, high unemployment, companies leaving our state in droves, he!!, even the movie industry is farmed out, but we have time to debate a no cussing week. Lovely.
*goes to want ads in Utah/Colorado/Oregon/Washington and keeps searching for a better job*

And since we're all too stupid to understand this initiative, Obama will be delivering a four hour speech tonight on television to explain it to us.

With $##!@% apologies to Chicago:

Being without $#%@*!$
Takes a lot of getting used to
Should learn to live with it
But, I don't want to
Being without $%#@&!
Is all a big mistake
Instead of getting any easier
It's the hardest thing to take
I'm addicted to F-U
It’s a hard habit to break
Such a hard habit to break
I'm addicted to F-U

hmm... there's no way to say this without sounding like a dork so here goes: while i believe that trying to stop cussing is kind of like putting a cork in a firehose, in the kid's defense; he is a kid. have you hung (hanged?) with teenagers lately? kids (at least guys) swear to be cool, to fit in. so often every sentence or even every phrase is dotted with 'f' and 's' and other more inventive swears, and i gotta tell you, it gets old.

Dean: "Let me out of this damn chair!"

Demon: "Now, now. We don't say words like that. When we need to, we use the word Fudge."

Dean: "Well, if you don't let me out of this fudging chair, I'm going to rip your fudging head off! Let me the fudge out right the fudge now!"

Sometimes, Supernatural brings a tear to your eye.

Fowl language? WTF? Whya no chickenshit?

Well, gollllll-leeeee!

(Not a chance....)

when i was a kid my mom would always say, oh, sssssssssssugar. now that she is elderly, she let's em fly.
my father, alevasholem, never met a swear word he couldnt use. and did. i learned very well. and in several languages. although, over used, yeah it is old. but folk, when needed, there aint nuthin like it.
so, crazed calieefawnyans, eff-off with that. i gave up giving up cussin for lent.

Dumbasses. MFnSHAH.

Now I'll feel all guilty asking for MILF and cookies...

No foul language? But there are no other words to properly express how people feel about the crockloads of feces that these scum sucking monkey lovers put out on a daily basis.

crockloads of feces - wbagnfarb

I think this is a good idea. What better way to fix California's economy? What they should do is put giant, glass, "Swear Jars" at every intersection and on off/on ramps on the freeway. It would be done on an honor system. Everytime you say a bad word you have to put a dollar in the closest Swear Jar. California would be solvent again in no time. They may want to make sure the Swear Jars aren't vulnerable to earthquakes. It would be bad if one of those baby's fell over on someone. Like a politician or movie star.

Sh!t for brains, the lot of 'em. From Ah-nuld down to whoever sweeps the floors in the state legislature.

Does this go for the movies too ?

Curses, like fine wine, should be enjoyed sparingly for the best effect.

John Spartan, you have been fined two credits for violation of the Verbal Morality Law

As a former Californian, I gotta point out that the gov't had help in achieving the current economic mess. I was watching a cable channel that ran repeated ads against a California candidate on the grounds that he was against Prop 13. I was astonished. Apparently there are still a lot of people that think Prop 13 was a good idea?

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