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February 23, 2010


(Thanks to CJrun)


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"Sources said the officers saw several vehicles pull up to the tractor-trailer parked in Louisville, leave, come back, then leave again.

When they checked the contents of the truck it was empty, the sources said."

I guess that was the first clue.

Officers watched several vehicles back up to the trailer, leave, and come back again. Not just any old witnesses, but officers.


Wait till they all get the munchies.

Man, I almost freaked when I saw that "up in smoke" headline.

Alaska Marty: I thought that was the description for last night's 24 and CTU's search for the Rods of Destruction.

Maybe they need to check Florence Seigel in Miami.

(see Dave's "geezer" story)

I wondered where CTU recruited its agents.

Save the bales!

a controlled drug delivery

Or not.

SNORK @ bonmot

*SMACKS* Layzee!!! (BUSTED, Honey!!)


Police noted an unusually 'high' number of Mobility Scooters weaving through traffic nearby.

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