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February 09, 2010


Money well spent.

(Thanks to KJP)


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♪ Daylight come and me flee the country. ♪

I thought the giant flying banana idea died at Lakehurst.

Didn't Giant Flying Banana open for Neil Young? Or Burton CUmmings?

I want to create one of these bananas for Alaska. Butt since Alaska is more than twice as large as Texas, the banana will have to be more than twice the 300 meter size and I will need more than twice the money for beer, whiskey and prostitutesresearch. Please send my grant right away, the plane to Tahiti is leaving soon.

Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is keeping a straight face until the check clears.

I thought the money was definitely well spent. I have rarely read anything that funny that was paid for with someone else's money.

Bob and Ray should sue. These guys are stealing their act.

I like Dave's audience-- so far no comparisons to US health care reform or stimulus package, although there's potential for the latter with a giant banana involved.

Ou est le banan monsieur? Ma minkey ouants tu knou.


Yeah, this guy is an Artist! A Con-Artist ...

Of course that'd be merely MHO ...

For you non-Francophones, here's an excerpt translated into English.

Radio Guy: I'm talking now with Michel Gaboury, a spokesman for the Canada Council of the Arts. It's pretty relevant, the Council gave $49,800. Mr Gaboury? How are you today?

Gaboury: Yes, Mr Maurice, I'm quite well.

Radio Guy: Am I wrong, or did you really give this guy $49,800?

Gaboury: Forty - No, not $49,800. We gave him $80,000 over two years.

Radio Guy: Very well. It's rare that I'm corrected and it's even worse, but -

Gaboury: Worse? I wouldn't say it's worse.

Radio Guy: (tone of disbelief) What?

Gaboury: I don't think it's bad.

Radio Guy: $80,000 for a work of art that was never created?

Gaboury: Well, yes, but it's more complicated than just the work of art, there's all the research he had to do, things like that, it was a two year grant, and each year he had to write up a report.

Somehow, when I translate it into English, I hear Gaboury in a Graham Chapman accent and the interviewer as John Cleese.

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