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February 23, 2010


Mother Finds Animal Head in Frozen Veggies

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Now this mother has to try harder than ever just to get her kids eats their greens.

Well, geez, if ya hadn't mentioned the crunchy frog head in the first place ...

Now with extra protein!

Hey, it was a bonus. Now everybody's gonna want one.

I used to deal with complaints against food companies regularly. Usually in cases like this, there is a place on the line where the food passes by several workers whose job is to look for gross contamination. The job is so boring and repetitive that a "highway hypnosis" can kick in. You can watch the GD beans or bottles or whatever for DAYS and nothing unusual goes by. Then, an armed terrorist goes by you on the line and your mind is so far off relaxing on that beach that you don't even see him.
The trick is to rotate workers before that blindness sets in.

It's always about the children. What about the poor little frog that's hopping around without a head?

Where can I buy green beans with frog heads? My bearded dragons would love them; it would be a nice change from the baby mice they get mixed in now.

Tastes like chicken.

My cousin is married to an engineer whose company makes filters for peanut butter/etc to keep out stuff like.......................................................rodent feces.

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