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February 24, 2010


(Thanks to nursecindy)


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They say you have to hit bottom before you finally realize you need to do something about a drinking problem.

This guy came pretty close.

Maybe he was trying to recreate last week's episode of LOST?

And at the bottom of the page is a link to something else those whacky Aussies do.

If they had just waited until he woke up he probably would have gone the rest of the way..... it looked like he was almost there!

Then again, he might have woke up and and gone: Holy SHIT!

There's one thing they warn you about before you hike in the Grand Canyon: If they have to haul you out of there, you're getting the bill.

It's only $300.00 to scrape his ass off the bottom.

Aussies have ZERO patience!

*Snork* @ Punkin.

I'll bet he was drinking Sea Breezes.

Or maybe Wall Bangers.

Stop interfering with Nature. The species will not improve otherwise.

Instead of vacationing in Manly, maybe he'll book his next trip to the Northern Territory city of Darwin....

Each time I go out to the beach to swim, I am swimming with sharks and I know it. So are you.
I've also stepped on probably a half-dozen stingrays and had them brush by my knees in the shallows. None of these animals has ever hurt me, although that remains a possibility.
Admittedly, I live on an island and probably get more exposure than most. But why fear animals who have no reason to harm me?

LMAO BFF! Tru dat!

On the bright side, he'll probably attempt that again.

Steve, I'm highly jealous of you. I'd love to live on an island.

I swam with sharks in Tahiti. No worries. They wouldn't touch me. I'm a lawyer. Professional courtesy.

Bon - me, too! (The swim with sharks in Tahiti part, not the lawyer part). They warned us not to feed the lawyers.

Hold my beer, I can do this.

Diva, I live on an island too (as does Lairbo): the Island of Long.

mtb -- The Shark's Breakfast.

It was during my bar trip. I was cruising on a motorized sailing yacht, the MSY Dreamward, I think it was called, from Norwegian Cruise Lines.

My shark breakfast was part of my honeymoon in '92, aboard this vessel. I never knew until today that she was later sunk .....

Like Amber, I'm wondering if alcohol helped or hurt his abilities.

mtb -- That's the ship! I had the name wrong. We went on the same cruise! I went in August of 1993. My son was born about nine months later. Coincidence?

Thanks for the update. I looked for the ship on line a few years ago and didn't find her (probably because I had the name wrong).

You forgot the name of the ship you took your honeymoon on bonmot? You should have asked the Mrs. She would not only have been able to tell you the name but also what each of you ate every day you were on the ship.

I thought your Wind Song was supposed to stay on the mind? Clearly false advertising.

Not my honeymoon, my bar trip. (After taking the bar exam, it is traditional for lawyers to go on a fabulous vacation for as long as one can afford, because after starting practice, it will be YEARS until you have the free time to do it again. That part has been true.)

And my current wife encourages such forgetfulness.

And *snork* @ Cheryl.

Nice one, Cheryl. Please join us on the geezer cruise.

Can I be activities director??

"Shuffleboard on the Lido Deck, after the Early Bird Special, of course!!"

Well, Gang, my island is Anastasia. We're a little further south than that Long Island place I've heard about. (Question: do people really swim in the ocean there? Are they sober?)
Look up the "St. Augustine Monster" sometime. As near as I can figure, it washed up right out from my place. They say it was a rarity but I've seen its kin beached on the sand.

Steve, I love St. Augustine. I've been there many times but haven't seen any monsters thank goodness. I actually lived at Ft.Walton Beach,Fla for 3 years. The beaches there are beautiful. btw,bonmot, meanie, or any other lawyers on the blog if you want any good lawyer jokes let me know. I have a million of them. I use to date a lawyer.

Nursecindy -- you know what happens when give a lawyer Viagra?

Don't forget the Pina Coladas, Siouxie.

Dammit, I'm a doctor an engineer, not a lawyer!

stiff snake, bon??

He gets taller.

They should've left him there.

Meanie, lawyer, engineer, they're the same. I've worked with a lot of engineers also. The oddest one was a graduate of Berkley but I don't think it was the fact he was an engineer that made him odd. Please forgive.
bonmot, I'm afraid to ask but what happens when you give a lawyer Viagra?

Close enough ;P

Jump up two, nursecindy.

What do you call five lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

A good start

What do you call five lawyers in a Cadillac at the bottom of the ocean?

A tragedy..... (That car can hold at least six)

What’s the definition of mixed emotions?

Watching your attorney drive over a cliff in your new Ferrari.

They should have collected him while he was still unconscious, taken him to a motel and put him in bed with a fiberglass cow.

"It is interesting to note that criminals have multiplied of late, and lawyers have also; but I repeat myself."

Mark Twain

What's the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead lawyer in the road? There are skid marks in front of the skunk.

Just remember y'all, over two hundred years ago when LAWYERS wrote the Constitution, DOCTORS thought blood letting was a good idea.

And us peons just struggled to be freeeee ...

One of my sisters is a lawyer but we like her anyway.

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