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January 26, 2010


Hot Mormon Muffins

(Thanks to marfie)


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I have a mission for those Mormon hunks *G*

(Thanks, marfie!)

And yes. I "clicked to enlarge" and I don't feel guilty.

Why did I read it as Hot Moron Muffins?

Too hot for my bot.

uh oh... looks like we're gonna need a bigger handbasket

I knew that was familiar, trustf8.

I guess Dave will have to fire himself.

I remember the chick. I just wasn't paying too much attention to that ;)

Not an Osmond in the bunch? Odd.

"mormon sex posed dot com"

Is there magic underwear involved?

I saw the Hot Mormon Muffins open for the Butthole Surfers. It wasn;t a concert IYKWIM.

no thanks. i've sworn off mormons.

Oh! The photo was cropped!

I thought the muffin lady was half of a "2 Month Calendar."

Pass the butter, please.

Posted by "marfie" and "Dave"? A likely story. This has judi's fingerprints all over it. Some slobber marks too.

Does this means Dave will be fired?

So does this mean that conceivably you could marry all 12 calendar girls?

If you wanted to hog all the muffins, I mean....

That kilted man graduated from BYU. (Bring Yourown Underwear)

(It's late, I'm tired, I'm sorry.)

As well y'all should be, punkin' ...

Is this "calendar" where them clever marketing gonzos got the idea to sell "muffin tops" ... ?

merely curious ...

Which one of them is the Angel Macaroni?

It's always the way. Start a new diet and then someone tempts you with their Hot Mormon Muffins.

Ya start with hot muffins, and the next thing ya know, you've got a bun in the oven . . .

My corporate bot is filtering it because it is "tasteless." I have had some tasteless muffins in my day, bless their hearts.

I couldn't view this at work; the explanation was "Tasteless." WHUUUUUT? On THIS blog? NEVER!

*Tries to remember to read all comments before posting*

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