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January 30, 2010


Key Quote: "The officers called me over and said 'Toni, I think we know what happened to the ducks.'"

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Why does it have to be snakes?

Duck Duck Goose Burp

I see a come-back movie for J-Lo in the works.

A new Little for Miami. Little Havana, Little Haiti, little Managua, now Little Amazon. Juat wait until the Pythons and Anacondas start wearing gang colors.

I think you blogbuddies in FL need to move up here to VA. All we have are snakehead fish and too many deer.

Good one, meanie.

"— including a prizewinning goose —"

I wonder what prize it had won.

"It was spotted and captured by members of the sheriff's mounted patrol unit..."

Anacondas have spots? Well at least now we know what to look out for.

>>I wonder what prize it had won.<<

A Nobel Geese Prize.

Ow, ow, ow Clank.


Poor ducks. I had some pet ducks when I was a teenager. They were adorable, and they always seemed happy. Of course, there were no acdondas around, so that had to have helped :)

Hmmm, a duck-eating anaconda was hiding in a drainpipe, was it. What gave it away, the duck-shaped bulge in the U-bend?

This lake is approximately 20 miles due east of Disney World. Perhaps a large mouse and duck need to watch out! The anaconda caught was an adolescent at best - they grow on average to over 20 feet and can exceed 500 pounds. Anacondas can eat crocs. This is the last time I hang out at a lake near Orlando!

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