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January 23, 2010


Not this blog.

To fix


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ah, the carnival. biggest collection of freaks outside of Washington, D.C.

Hmmmm, must be a sideways show.

Dave, you're (not your) not performing in the Freaks of Nature tent, are you?


*turns head sideways*


Is that a new shirt, Dave?

The Amazing Dave, Anti-Gravity Man.

Wow, the two-headed raccoon looks really familiar in that blue shirt...

It appears that South Florida also has lots of beer. Thus the unusual slant of this posting.

Two heads are better than one, apparently.

Frog Girl? Dated her in college. The accent was irresistibly sexy.

"1/2 Rabbit 1/2 Armadillo!"


Now that the picture is no longer tipsy, when is Dave appearing? And is he Human Oddity or Freak of Nature?

Fits right in .....

No, wiredog, that would be "1/2 walrus, 1/2 manatee."

After seeing "OctoMom's Bikini Body," at the grocery store, today, that Island Mermaid depiction is creepy.

Or hawt. One of those.

Pretty blue shirt Dave. Was the island mermaid pretty? or pretty ugly?

If we'd had cable TV during the 1800's, we'd have had 125 channels of that freaky garbage and not quality programming like Survivor, Cops and AFHV.

Raccoon with two heads, but only one "c."

Looks like the calf likes Dave's hair.

Quality entertainment. Has Fox been in contact, yet?

How do we know that Dave isn't plugging a new Fox show?

Research for the next book. Peter and the Carny Crackheads.

*snork* at Loudmouth.

Thanks for the SNORKs, guys. I'm distraught over U.S. ladies' skating right now -- I really needed a pick me up!

whoa...guess I sobered up cuz Dave looks straight now. NTTAWWT.

Looks like a campaign poster. I think I voted for some of those people.

Would you let this man run the Tilt-A-Whirl with your kids on it?

And the raccoons have claimed another generation of Barrys--oh, wait! maybe he's trying to fake out the raccoon camera guys into thinking he's on their side now, and when they get close, out comes the Ministerial Broom of Severe Whompage!

Only it won't work. Nobody gets the raccoons. Except maybe the squirrels.

Who is this "Miami Harald" who has replaced Dave and Judi?

Notice that one of the signs says "Real." I guess that means that the others are not!

writerdude -- was she fine as frog's hair?

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