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January 26, 2010


Bee sting man wakes in coffin

(Thank to trustf8)


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That used to be one of my worst nightmares.

D@mn you, Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price!

Reminds me of my first try at college. What I remember of it.

Blessed by keeping Jesus on his kitchen counter.

Isn't that where everyone is waked?


Remind me keep a hand drill with me at all times when in Poland.

I knew a beekeeper once who was so afraid of bees that he wouldn't go near a hive without wearing what amounted to a suit of armor.
I wondered then what I wonder now: why not change professions?
In ten years of inspecting honey production, no stings resulted. They're just not that dangerous to most people if you keep calm.

Mr Guzy said: "The undertaker saved my life. The first thing I did when I got out of hospital was take him a pot of honey."

Is Winnie the Pooh their undertaker?

What this country needs is more imported physicians.


"Undertaker Darius Charon... "

FOR SALE: 1 Slightly used coffin. Some boot marks and shredded linen on the inside top.

Did it have to be in Poland? My people could use a break once in a while.

Reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe too. Yikes!

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