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January 27, 2010


Cops stop cyclist with butcher knife-pool cue axe

He's probably in some kind of league.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Apparently alcohol was involved.

And crack.

Not exactly, Jeff. I don't play pool ;P

Oh, it was in Alexandria. That explains a lot.

DOH! There goes my patent!

Tour de France is gonna be ROUGH this year...

Does it also do Julienne fries?

Hammie,I was thinking that myself. I spent a fair amount of time there when I was stationed out Leesville way with the 5th D.

It's a sophisticated piece of historic billiard/surgery equipment, used for the famed double-banked-kidney-in-the-corner-pocket shot executed in 1972 by Dr. Louisiana Wide. While the patient/opponent did not survive, the shot earned Dr. Wide the match, and a place in billiards legend.

League of Extraordinary Lunatics

Need to remember to have a light attached to my bike on the way to this year's Ren-Fest.

Duct Tape. 1001 uses.
Now, 1002.

The Amazing Ronco Chopshot Cue. But that's not all!

LOL Tash. Definitely a League of his own....

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
With a knife-on-the-stick-of-my-cue!
I don't have no employer,
And can't afford a lawyer
But you'll look sweet
Smokin' crack on the seat
Of my bicycle built for two.

*Turn-of-the-century (last one) [email protected]*

backatcha mtb, you 'lizard wizard'

Also *snorks* @tf8.

trustf8, right on cue . . .


umm, this works too:

...'Butt you'll look sweet
With your Smokin' crack on the seat
Of my bicycle built for two'

And he also had a razor blade in his hat.

...Sounds like an updated version of the old Jim Croce song "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"...

He was defending himself against pool sharks.

It's a pool halberd.

It's a pool halberd.

Maybe the ".html" isn't always necessary?

Sorry, y'all.

Perchance he was en route to a joust?

Sir Moron?

Or, Sir Lance-alot

Low-rent Renaissance fair, or a D&D game gone horribly wrong?

For some reason the song:
I am the good Prince Lancelot,
I love to sing and dance a lot.
Keeps going through my head.

Ya got trouble, right here in River city!
With a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for Pool!

Halberd: the original Swiss army knife.

Fast Eddie Felson going to a rematch with Tom Cruise.

A real Tour de Lance!

How about Sir Lanceaboil?

I think he's the spearhead of the revolution. Sharp as a razor. A crack intellect. A visionary treading on the bloody edge. Ahead of the cycle (or a 'head on a cycle).

Again bad reporting. Was he wearing a helmet ?

(Think Robert Zimmerman)

Well, I see you got your brand new butcher knife-pool cue axe
Yes, I see you got your brand new butcher knife-pool cue axe
Well, you must tell me, baby
How it's possible for you to relax
Under your brand new butcher knife-pool cue axe

Well, you look so gritty with it
Honey, can I swing it around sometime?
Yes, I just wanna see
If it's really that defensive kind
You know it balances on your bike
Just like a push rod balances
On a little white line
Your brand new butcher knife-pool cue axe

If I only had a weapon. Hmmmm.... Duct tape? No. Pool cue? Maybe. Butcher knife? Better..... HEYYYY!!!!.....

On a bike...with a pool cue...attached to a butcher knife...

Even the ghetto drive-bys have been hit by budget cuts.

I didn't know that Lance Armstrong had moved to Miami.

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