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January 30, 2010


Do not eat chili while driving.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He must have been on the way to Florida.

Maybe he'll sue Wendy's?

How on earth do you choke on chili? Most people do not remember being unconscious. That's because they are unconscious. If they remembered that, they would be conscious. I'm a nurse. I know these things.

Did he have the whole damn cup in his mouth?

Chili con carnage?

Were the cops serious about the citation?

Wendy's chili? I can believe it.

Is it a defense to eating while driving to say "I didn't inhale swallow?"

Much less embarrassing than chicken-choking. I think.

Here in Michigan we are close to getting a law passed that will make it illegal to text while driving. This story suggests that they should outlaw eating chili while driving as well...

The town I grew up in (Tuscaloosa, Al) passed a law against drinking while driving. It was supposed to keep people from drinking beer while driving, but it did not say that. Cops started giving tickets for people sipping Cokes and Pepsis while driving. They may still be doing that. I don't know; I moved away.

Do not eat chili while driving. You might get a blowout.

Bet it was that "finger lickin' good" chili that Wendy's has.

The crash saved his life... it gave him a steering wheel Heimlich!

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