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January 26, 2010


Now: a potato chip.

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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Whoa .... sorry...

Wow!Beware of the potato chip.

Flip it over. It's a map of Idaho.

It's...it's...it's a freaking brown blob.

Get over it, lady.

Meanie - had the same thought....whenever there's a story like this, I always remember when Johnny Carson played the practical joke on that potato chip lady by pretending to eat one of her special chips.

Gary 'mugshot' Coleman in a smurf hat?

she does get around, dunt she??

i'll get on that handbasket now.

Well, queen...it is in a bag of Lays.

No one can eat just one virgin...

*jumps in with queenie!*

*punches Queenie * Siouxies' tickets*

"Aaaalllll abbboooaaarrd!"

How do these get on the news?????

God: "What Great Works have you caused to come forth, my Host of Angels?"

Raphael: "A glorious sunrise, my Lord."

Michael: "A rescue of trapped children from a collapsed building. A true miracle, my Lord!"

Ariel: "A bountiful harvest to feed the multitudes, all to your Glory!"

Fred: "I created a potato chip in the likeness of Mary, Lord."

God: "Fred. We must talk."

Quoting a long-ago blog comment, from a long-ago Virgin Mary Update:

Hail Mary, full of grease...

Posted by: DavetheRed | August 23, 2006 at 04:26 PM

HAH! Hammie!! Here's an
angel for ya!

Good morning, and thank you for choosing Handbasket Airways for your trip.

edible Virgin Mary

18 years of Catholic education makes me shudder at that comment.

Looks more like a Dementor to me.

Has anyone ever thought that maybe these sightings on potato chips, and other junk foods are God's way of telling them they're too fat and they need to cut out the junk? After all, who better to tell you to quit eating junk and eat a vegetable than your Mother?? You never see these sightings on carrot sticks.

I know, Cindy. I'm still trying to find a 'face' on here

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