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January 31, 2010


It's getting worse.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Cat agility? You're (not yore) kidding, right?

My cat can jump from the floor to the top of a 5 foot dresser without blinking an eye. Meanwhile the dog will just sit there and bark at it. Still, I would be more likely to enter the dog in one of these contests than a cat. Dogs dont' try to shred you to ribbons when you ask them to do something they really don't want to do.

I know dogs are way better in the ball licking contest.

My cat plays fetch with a hair band. Really.


Siouxie knows the importance of keeping her pu cat agile.

I'd only do this if I could use a laser cannon instead of a laser pointer to, um, "motivate" the cats. "Awwww, Fluffy doesn't feel like jumping through the hoop?" ZZZZAPPP!

Wouldn't smell too good, but the visuals would be great.

Did I mention I'm not much of a cat fancier?

Very cute Siouxie. Padraig, how could you zap something as cute as that?

* hopes siouxie knows i'm jes bein' playful, not catty *


LOL tf8, I *snorked* at that one!

And yes, an agile pussy is a happy pussy.

I,of course, meant the cat kind...

*hair flip*

Most intriguing hair flip I've ever seen. At least in public.

The event would be enhanced if the Savage Beagles were actively involved...

"You have to be three feet ahead and anticipate their moves.".... What were we talking about?

PS *snork* at Okie

*snork* @ Meanie. Of course you mean public.

...so... not public hair would be pub

*stops before saying something naughty*


I've taught my kitty Rachael to sit and to "sit up" (on her haunches, reaching up), but she tends to only do that when she's sure I won't give her the treats otherwise :)

It helps to throw a few treats to my other kitty.

Sounds challenging-- you have to be smarter than the cat, which eliminates most of (us) cat owners.

Last year's winner was named, just coincidentally, "Keegel".

May be may not be. In most cases it is but there are exceptions too. http://www.laserpointersshop.com/

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