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January 22, 2010


He's dead, Jim.


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He's dead Jim.

The sets were cheesy. The dialogue invented the term "wooden". The acting was melodramatic. And. We. Loved. It.

Our cat used to get Klingons until we added fiber to her diet.

I don't know if we loved it or loved to make fun of it more, but we had to watch every episode.

Is he dead?

"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not an undertaker! Well, actually, if you look at my patients' survival rate..."

e's just pining!

*SHORTEST career choice ever - Ensign on the Enterprise*

This is why I NEVER wear red shirts.

Jeff - thank you for a GREAT start to my Friday! I LOVE that song. :D :D :D *sings along*

Anyone asked to be part of an away team while wearing a red shirt was doomed!

When Bones retired, he opened a fitness center. It was called the "He's Dead Gym!" (insert appropriate groan or snare drum here).

we used to say "it's the light in the eyes!" - every girl/woman who was about to get kissed by the captain was filmed in shadow with a strip of light across her eyes. really. check it out.

McCoy would have made a great coroner. All you have to do is show up and pronounce them dead...

Live long and...oh wait.

Oh man, did I ever need that laugh today. Thanks!

And of course if Dr. McCoy is the topic you have to include this.

Oh, oh. I'm wearing a red shirt today.

Second opinion.

There will be consequences.

Being an original Trek fan (do NOT call me a "Trekkie," I have a life. Of sorts.), I was never too crazy about the wimpy politically correct later series. But I watched a "Next Generation" repeat the other night, and when the phaser battle scene came up, I just looked for the unfamiliar faces and said, "He's dead, Jim, and him, and him, and him."

Yep, they were all phaser dust within seconds. The shirts may change color, but Starfleet still cranks out expendable ensigns by the thousand.

The didn't call him "Bones" for nothin'.

*snorks* @ KJP and Meanie's links!

Gotta love Bones.

"It's just a flesh wound."

Gotta love this fan's creative editing.

Though I don't appreciate of a masterpiece!

Ok. Maybe just a little.

He's red Jim . . .

Uh oh, I'm wearing a red shirt too.

I'd forgotten that "I'm a doctor...not an escalator."

I mean, WTFBBQ?!

" Hailing frequencies open... "

I'm a doctor ...

Anyone who loves (or laughs at) Star Trek and the whole Trekkie phenomenon has to read Bimbos of the Death Sun.

Il Capitano .....

eggggselent. sadly, dr mccoy has left the planet...

I hate you all. YouTube is filtered here at work so I can't enjoy the links until I get home.

"Damn it, Jim. He's horney." From the first episode of the second season.

My post got mangled badly. Very sorry.
It should have read: "Though I don't appreciate this mockery of a masterpiece!"

And I have no idea how "Post by:" became a link!
Crazy blog-site!

A true Trekker would brag to his friends about seeing Amazon Women On The Moon.


That's hysterical, Ang Lee!

Har! Just started watching the latest ST movie with my kids.....

Birth. Of.

MtB - that is a GOOD movie. They did a great job - really kept the spirit. AND Bruce Greenwood as Capt. Pike :) Enjoy!

I know, Guin.

We watched it last night too.


*snork* @ "BrokeTrek" - bwaahaahaa!

*snork* @ Ang Lee.

*snorks* all around!

I had no idea there were so many trekkers trekkies geeks seriously deranged people fans of the classics here...

*looks down and realizes he's wearing a red shirt*

Oh, sh*t!

*disappears in a puff of smoke*

Ditto what wiredog says about Bimbos of the Death Sun. Great book! Very clever & you *will* recognize a frightening number of personality types.

Back when I was in school, there was a collectable "Star Trek" card game that was popular, and some joker made a "Captain Kirk" card which insantly rendered all female cards in play useless. Now, whenever I watch any of the camp classics, including "Star Trek" and "The A Team", I always say, "Oh, girl on screen! Captian Kirk card going into effect!"

I *SNORKED* when he got to "MUST be dead!" Man, I never realized how many people died on that show.

'The City on the Edge of Forever'

Best episode ever

CSI re-ran the instant classic AstroQuest episode on Saturday. "Mr. Ed is not science fiction!"


A couple of other second opinions.

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