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January 31, 2010


French Fight AIDS With 120-Foot Flying Condom

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Anyone like to go for a ride in this?

Why am I picturing Michael Palin?

Absolute Overcoat

Sarkozy thinks his is bigger.

Le Yikes! I wonder who got to blow that up...

Do they come in extra large size too?

Just what was Cindy looking for when she came across the 120 foot airborne condom?

The mind boggles.

So how many people are going to look up and say, "What's with the giant baby bottle"?

They're gonna need a bigger penis is all I'm sayin'

They are also going to fly them as drones over Afghanistan to increase the efficacy of the French Air Force.

wiredog I was looking for health related stuff. Yeah, that's it! Health related stuff. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

"The dirigible condom carries three passengers plus a pilot"


The slide show link says "43 Photos."

No thanks, one was enough. Got the idea.

Overheard in Paris:
"Zut alors, I forgot my Zeppelin!"

We have those. They're called "Small".

'...the floating behemoth will... disperse heath information, as it will throughout its travels'

* shudders @ giant condom 'dispersing' anything *

@trustf8: except Absolut, of course ;-)

Dirigible for your pleasure.

Das Hindenberg humper. Oh, the humanity.

Looks like it would just about fit this


Would you like to ride on my beautiful balloon?

I have a few colleagues who are giant pricks. Maybe it would fit them.

Still wouldn't fit the Washington Monument.

I thought Americans were the ones thought to make things that were huge, ridiculous, and did not always work. Like the blow-up gorillas.

Chuck "three passengers plus a pilot"? Shouldn't they all be seamen?

Looks like a giant...."Wang!! Get over here right now!"

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