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January 25, 2010


A two-butted chicken named J-Lo.

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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Twice the poop for the same amount of eggs?

I'm thinking coq au vin.

Just in time for the Grammys!

Can she handle two cocks at once?


If this chicken has two butts there must be a butt-less chicken somewhere. And a cranky one at that.

"But she can only lay one egg at a time."

Why would she be able to lay more than one? Eggs come from a different private part of a chicken.

I believe the answer would be "yes", tf8.

This is SO not going to help with the "Which came first?" conundrum.

This bird would fit in anywhere, 'cause there's always room for Jlo

*meant to say 'roosters'*

Alfred & Anna wouldn't be any relation to our fave blog chick with one hooha, now would they?

Good one JG.

*snork* @ jg!

What's the big deal? Supermarkets have had three-legged chickens, boneless hams, chocolate milk, and various other GM products for years now.


I think the two-butted chicken is already in Washington.

There once was a chicken's posterior
Which turned out one hundred percent rearier
Than the usual fowl
So, it's owner did howl
"To J-Lo's butt it was superior"

clap clap clap!

More marital mayhem:
" Does this dress make my ass look fat ? "
" Which one ? "

Jeff, sorry, you need to read up on chickens. They only have one opening for all functions.

Can you imagine what the real J-Lo could do with this setup? I mean, look what she's done with only ONE keister!

Applauds Meanie.
So it admires itself in the mirrior?

J-Lo made and ass of herself. Then, she did it again!

This is a boon to all of us that love the chicken butt the best.

Oh I can remember the family dinners, where us kids would argue over who got the butt tonight.

We all knew that The Rich Folks sat down to a plate of chicken butts, for sure.

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