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January 29, 2010


Loyal Blow-Up Doll Saves Owner's Life

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Remember folks, blow-up dolls aren’t just made for pleasure; they’re also made for saving lives!

Aw, that's so hearwarming.

So did they lock the creepy loser up in the nuthouse?

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Steve Martin.

Yike! Clicked on that link and some phony anti-virus tried to hijack my computer.

She went out with a bang.

And a Yang, apparently.

Services for Miss loyal Lulu will be held at the complex's recycling bin.

Wham Bang Thank you Yang?

Now that is something that a subway love chicken will NOT do for you.

Hmmm... "Subway Love Chickens" just mbagnfarb... or "Crash Test Sex Toys"....

♬ She Bang! She Bang! ♫

Me save you long time.

He's still single, ladies!

That is not what is meant by "crashing after a fling."

haha punkin & siouxie!

Kinda looks like jessica simpson, who's also been known to 'deflate'

This relationship, sadly, cannot be repaired.

There's a Springer show somewhere in all this.

I prefer blow up dogs. Man's best friend, with benefits.

Still encountering some blog problems.

Ya think Aliens abducted judi? Or turned her into a pod person?

Very strange problems happening with the blog. At one point this morning, yesterday's last post was appearing at the top, above all of today's posts. Then that disappeared, but there are still some comment threads that can't be accessed.

Al Gore must be stopped!

Maybe the guy was trying to come and go all at once . . .

OH NO!! Maybe Dave has finally fired the s.b.???

Say it ain't so!!!

Immediately afterward, she was heard to say, "So, what are you thinking?"

Remember folks, blow-up dolls aren’t just made for pleasure; they’re also made for saving lives!

And sometimes the ones designed to help save lives can be used for pleasure.

When his landlord told him to go take a flying f^&#, I am not sure that that was what he was talking about.

*cues theme from The Twilight Zone*

works sometimes...ooooooh...

Has this guy ever thought about getting a puppy or something for companionship? Of course if you fall on a puppy it is not going to be pretty.

At the very bottom of the page I see "

Try that again:
"<!-- ph=1 --"

Which looks like an unclosed comment.

cindy, any other activities with a puppy wouldn't be pretty either.

What about playing with it on the El in NYC?

Me save you long time.

Posted by: Punkin | January 29, 2010 at 09:32 AM

Good one, Punkin.

When your best friend in life's
An inflatable wife
That's Air Mary....

Damnit, Ralph. I just got shed 'o that earworm . . .

I think this was an episode of "Pushing Daisies."

Wasn't this a movie? "Lars and the Real Girl"?

I think it was this movie.

NEWS FLASH -- there's another story about an inflatable doll (and a hooker) here.

Inflatable doll with a heart of gold.

Classic story.

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