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January 25, 2010


Woman faces jail if noisy sex continues

(Thanks to Ari H)


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Even the postman complained?

They're just jealous because they aren't getting any.

Cartwright was served with a civil order over marathon romps with husband Steve, described in court as "unnatural" and "like they are both in considerable pain".

Hey, one woman's unnatural is another's par-tay!

*anyone get her phone number?*

She and her husband obviously don't have children.

Didn't this get blogged a few weeks/months ago? I saw a pictre of the happy couple- Fuuuuuu-gly!!! -and with gnarly British teeth... If anyone can find the picture, please post:)

Either they're showing off or the walls are made of tissue paper.
The neighbors and the postman should take advantage of this and charge admission to the show.

Whew! Thank goodness I live in the country and do not have close neighbors.

how did it get from "like they are both in considerable pain" to just she is being threatened with prison. Is she now going solo?

This post somehow brings to mind THIS classic, LOUD scene.

Give 'er a bullet to bite on!

Maybe they should just stop using Mr. Megaphone.

Oops, sorry, was I too loud?

"...she tried to restrain herself." *snicker*

Time to change positions...face in the pillow, a$$ in the air.

He just needs to stuff something in her mouth...problem solved.

Anti social would be the last thing I would characterize this as

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