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January 25, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Power Tool Time.

Be here. We wouldn't want anybody should lose a digit. 


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Soccer practice. I have soccer practice.

I don't know. Losing a digit to Dark Freckles sounds slightly appealing...

Didn't she used to be Tim Allen's Tool Time Girl? That would explain a lot.

I have a birthday dinner! (Tomorrow's the actual day.)

My smokin' hot blonde wife is taking me out for stone crab claws! Yum!

She can borrow my digit.

Some staples and duct tape, and he'll be back in business in no time at all.

Still waiting for Renee to say to Jack: "Dude, you've shot thighs, amputated hands and chopped one guy's freakin' head off in an interrogation room. And walked out with it in a bowling bag. Cowboy up, OK?"

Good, Renee looks all cleaned up. Unless some of those freckles are blood spatter.

Yeah, that Russian dude really gave her the finger. But she was asking for it......

I saw what she did
Ain't sayin' it's right
Bad girls like her make
Things go Thumbp in the night

The official mascot of Season 8? The Hamburger Helper guy (http://www.mascotfactory.com/uploads/images/Custom/Characters/HHStuffedHand-lg.jpg) - he's only got 4 fingers!

When I see her comin' down the street
I get so shaky and I feel so weak
I see Jack Baur look the other way
And he doesn't seem to hear a word I say

And I, go to pieces and I wanna hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Everytime that saw passes by

I tell my arms arm they'll hold someone new
Another love that will be true
But she won't listen, Jack doesn't seem to care
I reach for her but my hand's not there

And I, go to pieces and I wanna hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Everytime that saw passes by

I remember what she said when she said
"Hey baby. I'll be done soon maybe"
"But until I do, all my best to you"
I'm so lonely, I think about it only

I can't go to places we used to know
But without this restraint I'm sure we'd go
She hurt me so much inside
Now I hope she's satisfied

And I, go to pieces and I wanna hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Everytime that saw passes by
Go to pieces and I cry
Everytime that saw passes by
Go to pieces and I cry

B I G standing ovation for Hammie !!

*gives hammie a hand*

I hear the blog ladies just love power tools.

HAH! Good one, Hammie!!

i don't even know what that means...

oh. a t.v. show.

heh heh heh. good one.

heh heh

*One-hand clap sound for Hammie*

In case you need any further motivation ...

And for those who may have missed the ingenious explanation for Hastings' slouch ...

I was going to say to wiredog about his digit but realized it was totally inappropriate so I won't.

I saw the promos for tonight's show. I'm burst out laughing when I heard Jack telling Renee he is calling off the mission because she is too "unstable".
Can we say kettle calling the pot...

I cannot wait to hear more fr the President of Whadaheckistan (aka the game show host fr Slumdog Millionaire)!

^something in above post about wiredog's digit.

A big thumbs, er, thumb up for Hammie!


*blinks innocently while adjusting halo.*

*Snorks* @ Hammie's "I reach for her but my hand's not there."

*sigh* I will miss blogging with you guys tonight. I forgot (yes, I know!!) and got tickets for Avatar at the 3D IMAX tonight. I wasn't thinking. *hangs head in shame*

Trying to put my finger on just the right phrasing ... I'd say that it would be a crushing blow to miss a minute of the action. Blogging one-handedly didn't slow me down much last week. I expect the Russians to lend (at least some fraction of) a hand for the cause.

dances, I was under the impression that guys are used to typing with one hand.

Annie told me.

If you meet ex-Agent Freckles in a club, you might request clarification when she asks for your digits. "You do mean phone number, right?"

Yes, AnnieSiouxie. That's a little bit of sophistication that we are pleased to call touch typing.

Nice Peter & Gordon tie-in, Hammie.

I guess everyone has already used the "give him a hand" lines but consider it done.

There are two shows my wife will not miss. Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. I guess I will be reading the play by play tomorrow. I am betting it will be more enjoyable as well.

One of these days, I gotta watch that show.

JOG tell your wife they are both reruns tonight. I love The Big Bang Theory.

That Russian son of the bad guy is on Heroes.

Isn't it difficult for Jack to take the high morl ground?

I mean moral ground.

I can't stand that hausfrau Madam President

Eh, who needs opposable digits, right? Oh wait - my dog wishes he had them...

Sorry if someone has mentioned this tonight or last Sunday/Monday -- but I missed it. The dialog in the show and the commentary seems to mention ONLY "the Islamic Republic" (generic). However, the first official episode recap (on Fox's "24" pages) says that Omar and Farhad Hassan are from "the Islamic Republic of Kamistan." [Is that supposed to be a joke about "commies?" I don't know.] Here is a quotation from Fox: "At the UN, President Taylor and Ethan Kanin sit opposite Omar Hassan, President of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, and his younger brother, Kamistanian Foreign Minister Farhad Hassan."

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