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January 29, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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Pibbity?? WTF?

I think the phrase you're looking for is "wishful thinking" there, dude.

As well as "resume".

Tonight's foreskincast: reign ending before next newscast

And still some women have foot fetishes . . .

bon, most will settle for 9 inches.

Annie told me. Cindy told her.

I once asked a guy in the electronics department of a store if he didn't think 19 inches was much better than 13 inches in the bedroom if you couldn't see well. He was speechless. I was confused until my daughter, who left me when I asked this, reminded me he hadn't heard the first part of the conversation which was about which TV I should buy. I'd settle for nine inches Siouxie. If he had a good personality.

LOL cindy. I bet he was like...DAYAM!

Pibbity is the New England pronunciation of Peabody. The closer you get to Bawwwston the stranger your accent gets. Downtown, your "r"s will completely disapeah. Luckily, I grew up west of Woosta, so I am not usually pegged as a Bawwwstonian.

So clever. Don't snow in your pants.

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