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January 28, 2010


Don't tell the NFC, but: The AFC defense is planning to use garbage cans.



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The garbage cans would still pick off Favre, although the return yards would be somewhat limited.

That's for the traditional G@torade™ showever, Dave.

Labor News: The NFL Players' Union is upset because players selected for the Pro Bowl who skip it because they're playing in the Super Bowl the following week, will NOT BE PAID for not playing in the Pro Bowl, unless they show up and stand on the sideline. Much the same as His Blogness is now doing.

Clearly we are all in the wrong business.

Oops - shower

Maybe I don't know where I am either. I'm so impressed with the antics of the teachers at my alma mater.

Also, I'm wondering why they weren't there when I was a student, when the female gym teachers all looked like her.

Sometimes, life isn't fair.

There's gonna be a lot of trash talking in this game.

Uh, Dave, that's not the AFC defense, that's the Redskins' offensive line.

Dr. Bob --
I thought the Redskins' offensive line was their name.

Dr. Bob,
Are you sure that's the Chesapeake Bay Regional Indigenous Persons? I can't tell from the blurry crapcam photo.

Those are for the urine samples.

Or those are beer cups.

oscar the grouch plays for the a.f.c.?

Instead of "5 Blocks of Granite" it will be:
"5 Cans O Trash". I like it.

Jeff: life isn't fair; Life Is A Carnival, The Band.

Just paint Tony Saragusa's number on one of them.

The well-known barf defense.

Coach: "Ok, on the snap I want can #1 to break left. Can #2 will go up the middle. Cans 3 and 4 fade back and stay open. Any questions?"

Team doctor: "Did you take your meds with Scotch again today?"

Well, you want your linemen to be Hefty, don't you?

They should be Glad to be in the Pro Bowl.

Yeah, but a tie isn't a cinch.

I thought the PB was always after the SB. A little down in the dumps. Coaches needed to inspire that can do spirit. Keep on truckin'.

Hey, the comment link under the picture of Dave is broken, so I'll say it here.

You know all those strapping football players wouldn't hit on you if you stopped wearing your wife's credentials.

Loudmouth. I had the same thing happen to me and I emailed them (Dave & judi) to let 'em know. NOW the last thread (Chicken) is not working for me either.

Yeah, the chicken licker went down. NTTA...aww skip it.


Those so-called garbage cans all have agents and $ 20 million contracts.

I didn't notice the thread under Dave's picture was broken because I couldn't help but look at his very cute dimples. sort of o/t but.. they are calling for us to get 4-10 inches of either snow, sleet, ice, or hail,fire, and brimstone, here starting tomorrow night. If I don't make it I'll miss you all. Also Dave I forgive you for not giving me credit for that one post I sent it.

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