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January 30, 2010


At long last, your shoes are safe.

(Thanks to Chris Shultz)


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I'll bet you ladies could pick up a nice pair of stilettos, cheap.



Can you imagine the smell in that house, with thousands of used shoes? Ugh.

I knew he wouldn't get far.....

Your honor, I hold in my hand People's exhibit 9 1/2 EE...

He lived on Cobblefield Court. No wonder.

Police also found several Imelda Marcos wigs.

PSA: It is pronounced "New ARK" Delaware, not to be confused with "Noork" New Jersey.

And the case was cracked by a civilian from Maryland. That's gotta be embarrassing...

Guin: There's also a Newark, NY, pronounced "Nerk."

The fact that he stole pictures of his victims - creepy!

Henry Mancini? Seriously? Did Inspector Clouseou break this case?

There's a pretty cool shirt called welcome to Delaware on etsy. I'm sure fellow delawarians would like it

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